From May-September, open burning is further restricted in the
following counties: Boone, Boyd, Bullitt, Campbell, Jefferson,
Kenton, Lawrence, & Oldham. These counties were previously
Designated "non-attainment" for ozone and/or particulate matter
Because their pollution levels exceeded those permitted by the
Clean Air Act.

Burn Ban Executive Order


Roads in Kenton County are maintained by either the city, county, or state. The Planning and Development Services of Kenton County created a Kenton County map that has each road in the County listed with contact information for the municipality responsible for its maintenance. Click here to learn more.

he Kenton County monthly clean-up events have been replaced with a voucher program. Beginning in January 2019, unwanted waste can be taken direct­ly to Bavarian Landfill (12764 McCoy Fork Rd., Walton), instead of Kenton County Public Works.


The voucher system will allow the community to dispose of their waste at Bavarian Landfill, Monday - Saturday, during normal business hours. Kenton County will NO longer host monthly clean-up events.

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