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County Dispatch

The Kenton County Emergency Communications Center (KCECC) is a multi-agency dispatch center serving all cities and unincorporated areas within Kenton County excluding the cities of Crescent Springs, Elsmere, and Erlanger. The County will begin serving these cities by July of 2018. The center employs 34 people, 30 of which are certified telecommunicators through the Department of Criminal Justice Training.  All 30 of those certified telecommunicators are also certified in Emergency Medical Dispatching through Powerphone. 

The primary responsibility of our telecommunicators is to process 9-1-1 calls as well as other non-emergency public safety calls originating in any of our jurisdictions. We dispatch those calls using police, fire and EMS radio systems maintained by our center. We also perform many ancillary functions; such as warrant communications, state and national law enforcement communications, utility and wrecker notifications and alarm monitoring.

In addition to our primary function of emergency call taking and dispatching the KCECC is responsible for the entry of every Emergency Protective Order and Domestic Violence Order issued by the Kenton County Courts. We also handle the entry and maintenance of all stolen property, missing persons, wanted persons etc. that our police agencies request be entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and Law Information Network of Kentucky (LINK) systems. We are also responsible for maintaining and operating the mobile data computer systems and records management systems used by the police and fire agencies we service.

KCECC personnel are among the most highly trained public safety communications personnel in the region. Our collective mission is to provide the highest quality public safety services to the citizens, visitors and first responders of Kenton County. We appreciate the opportunity to serve and welcome your input on the services we provide.

Mission Statement:

"The Kenton County Communications Center is to perform as a team of highly trained professional telecommunicators, responding in a courteous and caring manner with accuracy and timeliness to the requests for service from the agencies and public we serve. The desired result will be a combined effort that provides the highest level of emergency services response." 


Daniel Mathew •  Director of Emergency Communications
11777 Madison Pike • Independence, KY 41051