Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not see an answer to your question here, please try searching the site or call the office at 859-392-1400.

Where can I obtain a marriage license?

How do I obtain/renew my driver's license?

How do I obtain an occupational (business) license?

How do I pay my pet license fee?

How do I renew/register my auto license?

How do I obtain an alcoholic beverage control license?

How do I register to vote?

Where can I find voting information?

How do I get someone out of jail? (Post a Bond)

How do I search for registered sex offenders?

How do I obtain a birth certificate?

How do I obtain a death certificate?

How do I obtain a Marriage/Divorce Certificate?

Where can I learn more about child support?

How do I obtain a permit to carry a concealed deadly weapon (CCDW)?

How do I adopt a pet from the Kenton County Animal Shelter?

How do I make a shelterhouse reservation?

Where can I find property assessments?

Where do I pay my property taxes?

Where can I find building/electric/plumbings codes?

Where can I find information about deeds, land documents, mortgages and plats?

Where can I find foreclosures (the Master Commissioner Sale of Properties)?

How do I apply for Homestead Exemption?