911 Land Use Density Fee

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What is the Change to the 911 Service Fee? 

Previously, Kenton County funded 911 emergency dispatch operations through an annual per parcel fee, whereby, each parcel in Kenton County was levied a fee of sixty dollars ($60.00) on its county property tax bill. Kenton County is migrating to a land use density fee. Every parcel will be assessed a fee based on the land use as defined by the Property Valuation Administrator’s office (PVA).

How the Fee is Calculated?

Actual cost is calculated by using the calls for service in each land use category so that each group is paying a fair fee.

The Fiscal Court estimated the funds needed to sustain the County Dispatch Operations, and studied 911 call data from 2015 and 2016. After calculating the total 911 calls to each parcel, the land use codes of all parcels were organized into six different land use density types. We then used the portion of all 911 calls to those parcels to determine what portion of revenue these parcels were responsible for. We divided the total allocated revenue responsibility by total number of parcels of each land use density type and standardized the fees for ease of billing.


 Fee Grouping  Description  911 Standardized Fee 2017
 Commercial Large Retail  Retail over 25k SF  $2,630.00
 Commercial Small Retail  Retail under 25k SF  $435.00
 Commercial Non-Retail  All other Non-Exempt  $530.00
Low Density Residential   1-3 Units  $75.00
 Medium Density Residential  4-39 Units  $75.00 per unit (max $500)
 High Density Residential  40+ Units  $75.00 per unit (max $6,765.00)
*No residential land use will owe more than $75 per unit