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New Hope for Latonia Lakes

location map- Latonia Lakes

The Community of Latonia Lakes is a residential land area located within an unincorporated area of Kenton County. Early in the 1930’s this area was developed into a resort area for summer activities and fun. Through the years, the area has changed into a residential area for families to live and grow. For around 50 years this area became known as the City of Latonia Lakes. However, in 2006 the City was dissolved and has now become known as the Community of Latonia Lakes.

This community has formed a community group known as “New Hope for Latonia Lakes”. This group is working hard to bring the community together and become a family friendly, safe place to live.


  • restoring basic services in the community
  • upgrading and replacing underground utilities
  • repairing storm water drainage systems
  • repairing and replacing the road system
  • removing unsafe structures
  • cleaning up and maintaining homes and vacant lots 
  • revitalization of park areas
New Hope for Latonia Lakes is also working with law enforcement to reduce and eliminate drug usage, as well as any other criminal activity that is occurring in the community.

New Hope for Latonia Lakes Community meetings are open to everyone in the community. At this time, they meet at the Oak Ridge Baptist Lighthouse, (normally) on the third Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. They invite all of their residents to come and be involved in helping to make the Community of Latonia Lakes a better place to live.


 Bro. Byron Lile  

Andy Videkovich, AICP