Dispatch Radio Upgrade Project

The Kenton County Emergency Communications Center (KCECC) serves as the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for all communities in Kenton County.

As the PSAP, we bear the responsibility for dispatching the police and fire departments that service those communities. 

Dispatching services requires a robust and reliable Land Mobile Radio System (LMRS). Unfortunately, the current LMRS in operation is deteriorating and in need of upgrading. KCECC is working in cooperation with its partner agencies/cities and the Kenton County Fiscal Court (KCFC) to improve this critical component of public safety.

Needs Analysis

In early 2015, the KCFC commissioned a needs analysis of the KCECC Radio System. This analysis was conducted by Trott Communications, a public safety radio systems consulting firm located in Irving, Texas. The thorough analysis of our LMRS conducted by Trott Communications resulted in two possible remedies for issues associated with the current system.

Our options were to invest substantial funds into improving the coverage and reliability of the existing conventional analog UHF/VHF system or invest in the development of a P-25 digital trunked radio system to service the public safety agencies of Kenton County. After extensive analysis and discussion with all entities involved, a decision was made to pursue a P-25 trunked digital radio system for Kenton County.


The migration to a digital trunked radio system will be a lengthy one; we estimate the platform change will take place 2019. In the interim, KCECC will maintain the existing system and invest whatever funds are necessary to keep it operational for the safety of our first responders and citizens.