Waste Haulers and Landfills

How to Sign-Up for Residential Trash Service


If you live in a subdivision or planned neighborhood, find out if there is a Homeowners Association for your community.  Often, the HOA contracts trash service for the neighborhood. 


If you do not have a Homeowners Association, contact your city.  Cities usually manage garbage service for incorporated areas. 


If you live in an unincorporated region and not in a city, you are free to contract waste removal with any hauler that you prefer.

Bavarian Waste Services 

Landfill (drop-off), Dumpster Rental

12764 McCoy Fork Road Walton, KY

(859) 485-4416

Best Way Disposal & Recycling 

Curbside Trash and Recycling, Dumpster Rental 

1389 Production Drive
Burlington, KY

(859) 372-4900  

Republic Services Transfer Station

4399 Boron Dr.
Covington, KY 

(859) 286-4484

Republic Services

Curbside Trash and Recycling

11563 Mosteller Road,
Cincinnati, OH 45241

1-(800) 543-1339

Rumpke Ohio Landfill

3800 Struble Rd,
Cincinnati, OH 45251

1-(800) 582-3107

Rumpke KY Landfill 

1374 Bryan Griffin Rd,
Butler, KY 41006

(859) 472-7339

Rumpke Waste Services

Curbside Trash 

10795 Hughes Road,
Cincinnati, OH 45251


Rumpke Recycling

Curbside Recycling 

5535 Vine Street,
Cincinnati, OH 45217

(513) 242-4402  

Rumpke offers expanded recycling options

As of October 2023, Rumpke is now partnering with the Hefty ReNew program to give residents and businesses the ability to recycle more plastics, such as foam egg cartons, frozen vegetable and fruit bags, plastic pet food bags, shredded cheese packages, plastic food bags, plastic grocery bags, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, plastic or foam dinnerware and more.

Those interested in participating can purchase orange Hefty ReNew bags at Kroger and them with hard-to-recycle items. Those bags can be included in Rumpke recycling bins for pick up after which they’ll be sorted by Rumpke employees.

The new program is designed to complement, not replace, current recycling practices. For more information, Rumpke customers can click here.