Agricultural Economic Growth (Recommendations 1, 3 & 4)

This committee will be looking at ways to conserve and protect farmland. Innovative ways to support and promote agricultural economics are a focus of this committee.

Chair: Suzann Parker Leist

Yearly, January meetings are held with the cooperation of Kenton County Extension agent Dan Alllen. Meetings have provided information and income opportunities to South Kenton farmers. These public meetings were suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic but hope to resume soon.


2023 - Agritourism Text Amendments

The Agriculture Economic Growth Committee joined with the Zoning Committee to propose text amendments concerning agritourism in A1 and A2 zones. The intent of the amendments were to promote agritourism as a viable means of supplemental income for farmers while balancing property rights of neighboring landowners. Approved language clarified permissible agritourism enterprises and impact levels to surrounding areas. Farmers currently operating agritourism ventures provided input. PDS assisted with the refined text development. KCPC unanimously recommended approval of these text changes and they were subsequently approved by Fiscal Court.

Agritourism regulations are embedded in several sections of the A1 and A2 zoning code.

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