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Cat Owner Questionnaire

  1. Has your cat bitten in the last ten days?*

  2. General Information:

  3. (or approximate)

  4. Cat's Sex

  5. Is cat spayed/neutered?

  6. What kind of ID does your cat have?

  7. Is cat declawed?

  8. When was cat declawed?

  9. If we could help you resolve this issue would you be interested in keeping the cat?

  10. Medical History:

  11. Did the cat see a veterinarian at least once per year?

  12. Is this cat current on vaccinations?

  13. Has this cat ever had surgery?

  14. Where did you acquire this cat?*

  15. *If your pet was adopted from another shelter or rescue organization, please contact them prior to scheduling an appointment with us to verify their return policy.

  16. Has this cat been diagnosed with and/or treated for any of the following:

  17. Personality

    How would you describe your cat most of the time? (check all that apply)

  18. Play Style

    How does your cat like to play? (check all that apply)

  19. Home Environment:

  20. Where in your home did the cat have access?

  21. Where did your cat spend most of his or her time?

  22. If this cat lived with other cats, how did they interact?

  23. If this cat has lived with dogs, how did they interact?

  24. Has the cat regularly been around children?

  25. If yes, indicate what ages.

  26. Have the experiences with the cat and child(ren) always been positive?

  27. If this cat lived with children under 7, how did they interact?

  28. Is this cat more comfortable with:

  29. Does the cat do any of the following?

  30. Dietary Habits

  31. Which does your cat eat?

  32. How frequently is your cat fed?

  33. Litter Box Habits

    We ask so many questions about litter box use because it is one of the main reasons cats are surrendered. Please help us by giving as much detailed information as possible. Sometimes a change in environment may be just what the cat needs, and sometimes there are more serious health or behavior issues involved.

  34. Does your cat have access to a litter box in the house?

  35. If no, did your cat use the bathroom outdoors?

  36. Is the litter box:

  37. Does your cat have litter box accidents?

  38. Type of Accidents:

  39. How often was litter box scooped?

  40. What type(s) of litter was used?

  41. Are there other animals in your home?

  42. If other cats, how many shared a litter box?

  43. If litter box accidents were an issue, when did they begin?

  44. Has your cat been to the veterinarian to rule out infection or underlying health issues?*

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