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Cat Owner Questionnaire


  1. 1. Please read carefully
  2. 2. Owner Information
  3. 3. General Information
  4. 4. Medical History
  5. 5. Home Environment
  6. 6. Dietary Habits
  7. 7. Litter box habits
  8. 8. Additional Information
  • Please read carefully

    1. No one knows and loves your cat the way you do! In order to find the most appropriate home for your cat, please provide as much detail as possible about history, past veterinary care, likes, dislikes and quirks of your feline friend.

      Behavioral and medical issues do not necessarily create problems, but failing to disclose them certainly does. We want to ensure your cat/s finds a forever home!
    2. Please note: Submitting this questionnaire online is NOT a confirmation of an appointment. To schedule an appointment to surrender an animal, please call the shelter during business hours at (859) 356-7400 to speak with a staff member.