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Dog Owner Questionnaire


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Lifestyle & Home Life
  3. 3. Manners & Training
  4. 4. Health & Grooming
  5. 5. Diet, Exercise & Play
  6. 6. Experiences with Children
  7. 7. Additional Comments
  • Step One

    1. Has your dog bitten in the last ten days?*

    2. General Information:

    3. (or approximate)

    4. Dog's Sex

    5. Is dog spayed/neutered?

    6. What kind of ID does your dog have?

    7. If we could help you resolve this issue would you be interested in keeping the dog?

    8. Have you tried to find a home for this dog on your own?

    9. Have you contacted any breed-specific rescue groups for help in re-homing your dog?

    10. Where did you acquire this dog?*

    11. *If your pet was adopted from another shelter or rescue organization, please contact them prior to scheduling an appointment with us to verify their return policy.