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Dog Owner Questionnaire


  1. 1. Please read carefully
  2. 2. Owner Information
  3. 3. Lifestyle & Home Life
  4. 4. Manners & Training
  5. 5. Health & Grooming
  6. 6. Diet, Exercise & Play
  7. 7. Experiences with Children
  8. 8. Additional Comments
  • Please read carefully

    1. Dogs can’t talk, so they can’t tell us where or with whom they would like to live. To ensure that their home is a safe, happy and appropriate place for your dog to live, we need you to fill out this form in as much detail as possible. Detail and honest information from you is crucial to our placement process, so please take the time to fill in this profile with care and accuracy.

      Undesirable behaviors and medical issues do not necessarily create problems in placement, however, not disclosing those problems does. Dishonest or incomplete responses can undermine the safety and happiness of both your dog and the new family. If there are any questions that are unclear or that you are uncomfortable responding to for any reason, please ask to speak to one of our staff members about the issue.
    2. Please note: Submitting this questionnaire online is NOT a confirmation of an appointment. To schedule an appointment to surrender an animal, please call the shelter during business hours at (859) 356-7400 to speak with a staff member.