Flash Flood

In many regions flash floods can strike with little or no warning. Local rains may be so intense that small creeks and streams are unable to accommodate so much water. Storm drains and culverts may turn into raging bodies of water. The force of one foot of swiftly moving water can knock people off their feet.


  • Observe these flash flood safety rules. They could save your life!
  • Keep alert for signs of rain (thunder and lightning), both where you are and upstream.
  • Be especially cautious at night. It's harder to recognize the danger then.
  • Stay away from open channels, ditches, and culverts.
  • Watch for rising water levels and don't try to drive through areas with 12 inches or more of water. Be careful of bridges and dips in the road.
  • Abandon your vehicle if water begins to rise over the road, and head of higher ground immediately.


  • A Flash Flood Warning - means that flash flooding is occurring or imminent on certain streams or in designated areas.
  • A Flash Flood Watch - means that heavy rains may cause flash flooding in certain areas.