Riedlin-Schott Community Room

Ried-Schott Room Lights

About the Room:

On behalf of Kenton County, we would like to welcome you to the Riedlin- Schott Community Room at the Kenton County Government Center. We are honored that you have chosen to utilize our facilities, and we look forward to providing you with a memorable experience.

We are very grateful to a descendent of one of the last owners of the Bavarian Brewery, who donated funds, provided artifacts and created images for the former Brew/Mill Houses (with assistance of the Behringer Crawford Museum who is also the curator of the exhibits).  This established: i) the Bavarian Beer historical display in the lobby, ii) the development of the Riedlin-Schott Community Room on the second floor, iii) the display cases and exhibits in the hallway leading to this room and iv) an upgrade to exterior lighting of the building.

The room is approximately 2,100 square feet.

  • Max Occupancy (chairs only): 292 people
  • Max Occupancy (tables and chairs): 136 people


Amenities - Riedlin Schott (Chair Icon)140 Chairs

Amenities - Riedlin Schott (High Top Table Icon)
6 High Top Tables
Amenities - Riedlin Schott (Rectangle Table Icon)
30 Rectangular Tables
Amenities - Riedlin Schott (Round Table Icon)
14 Round Tables

Technology & Presentation Capabilities: 

  • Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • Video Capabilities: 

    • Three wall-mounted 65” smart Samsung TVs 
    • One cart-mounted 65” smart Samsung TV that can be positioned within 4 feet of any electrical outlet in the room. Available by request.
    • Guests can wirelessly connect to and present from any one TV with a variety of devices including laptops, tablets and many smartphones.
    • Guests can connect with an HDMI cable at the front of the room and present to all wall-mounted TVs. An HDMI cable can be provided.
    • All five TVs include USB ports, and files can be displayed on individual TVs from a USB file storage device.
  • Audio Capabilities:

    • A podium with built in speakers is available including the following: 
      • Podium-mounted microphone 
      • Two wired microphones with a 20 foot cord
      • A mic stand for use on a table
      • Bluetooth connectivity to podium speakers for pairable devices
    • Note: Presentations connected to the smart TVs will project audio through the built in TV speakers, not the podium sound system.

Fee Structure:

Room Rental Fee

  • $250 – 4 Hours – Nightly/Weekend Rate (Weeknights-Any time after 5PM)
  • $100 – 4 Hours – (Day Rate - 8AM to 5PM)
  • $75   – For each additional Hour 

Security Fee – Provided by Kenton County Sheriff’s Office for events after 5PM)

  • $200 - Events under 100 guests
  • $400 – Events over 100 guests (Includes two officers)

Room Set-Up Options:

Banquet Style Layout

Reidlin Schott Room

Conference Style Layout

Reidlin Schott Room

Classroom Style Layout

Reidlin Schott Room

Combination Style Layout

Reidlin Schott Room (4)

How to Reserve the Room:

Please complete the Riedlin-Schott Community Room Reservation Request Form.

Submission of this form is to request the reservation for the desired date and time. The reservation is not confirmed until a County Representative contacts the Applicant and confirms the reservation. 

At that time, the Facility Use Agreement will be executed for the Kenton County Riedlin-Schott Community Room and the security deposit will be due.

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