K9 Program

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A K9 team consists of a canine and his handler. The Kenton County Police currently has one team consisting of K9 Loki and his partner, Officer Deacon.  

The K9 and his handler are partnered together at the beginning of the K9's career and have a very close relationship. K9 Loki lives with Officer Deacon, trains with Deacon, and will work with Deacon for the entirety of Loki's career. Loki is a dual purpose dog who can detect both illegal substances and track suspects. K9's can also assist with locating discarded objects, referred to as an article search.  

Once Loki retires as a police dog he will spend his retirement with Deacon and his family.  The Kenton County Police K9 team is available for any agency which requests its assistance and also does demonstrations to the public.

Previous K9 Teams:

  • Officer Brett Benton and K9 Tommy
  • Officer Darrell Caldwell and K9 Brix