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  1. Application for Appointment to Boards and Commissions

    This application is for consideration for Kenton County Board Appointments.

  2. Ralph L. Bailey Jr. Retirement Well Wishes

    Because of his impact on the community, Kenton County is collecting well wishes for Ralph Bailey. If you’d like to share a special... More…

  3. Waiver, Release and Assumption of Risk for use of Fitness Room

    This form is an important legal document. It explains the risks you are assuming by beginning or resuming an exercise program. It is... More…

  1. Facility Use Request Form
  2. Riedlin-Schott Community Room Reservation Request Form

    Submission of this form is to request the reservation for the desired date and time. The reservation is not confirmed until a County... More…

Animal Services

  1. Adoption Application

    Thank you for choosing to adopt from an animal shelter! This application is designed to determine the best possible placement for each... More…

  2. Dog Owner Questionnaire

    Dogs can’t talk, so they can’t tell us where or with whom they would like to live. To ensure that their home is a safe, happy and... More…

  3. Kenton County Animal Services Volunteer Application
  1. Cat Owner Questionnaire

    No one knows and loves your cat the way you do! In order to find the most appropriate home for your cat, please provide as much detail... More…

  2. Foster Application
  3. Volunteer Orientation Interest Form


Kenton Cares

  1. Kenton Cares Donation

    Kenton Cares is a safe alternative to panhandling. Proceeds go directly to sheltering agencies that provide direct assistance to the... More…

Open Records Request

  1. Open Records Request (Dispatch)

    This form is used to communicate with county dispatch personnel regarding open records.

  1. Open Records Request (Police)

    This form is used to communicate with county police personnel regarding open records.


  1. Crime Tips

    Use this form to report possible criminal behavior. Retain your tracking number (which you will get when you complete the form) to... More…

  1. Officer Commendation Form

Public Works


    Prior to applying for an Encroachment Permit the following must be done: • Address for proposed site established • Proposed site... More…

Public Works- Solid Waste

  1. Trash for Cash Application
  2. Trash Voucher Program Application

    Once this application has been completed, the Public Works team will review the request. Further instruction will be forwarded to the... More…

  1. Trash for Cash Closeout Form

    Thank you for your support of the Kenton County Trash for Cash Program. Closeout documents and returned program supplies are due the... More…

Technology Services

  1. Employee Change of IT Access Form

    Use this form to setup a new employee, remove a departing employee, or make changes to access for a current employee. This form... More…


  1. Kenton County 2021 911 Fee Appeal Application

    Please submit this form to appeal the 911 fee assessment on your property. Please note you do not need to wait for your 911 fee appeal... More…