Licensing your Pet

Kenton County Animal Services (KCAS) has extended the 2020 pet licenses renewal to January of 2021 and changed the annual renewal period to February of each year.

If you currently have a pet license, keep the tags that you already have.

Far too many animals are never reunited with their owners when they get lost. Licensing your pet is a way to give your pet a better chance of getting home.

  • All dogs and cats (excluding Community Cats) in Kenton County are subject to licensing.
  • Proof of current rabies vaccination is required to obtain a license.

License Fee Structure as of May 2020:

Dog or Cat (not Neutered)$20
Dog or Cat (Microchip only)$10
Dog or Cat (Neutered only)$10
Dog or Cat (Neutered & Microchipped)$5
Vicious Animal (Annual)$50
Commercial Animal Establishment$75
Carriage Horse Business$75
Late Fee (After March 31st)$5

Licenses will be able to be obtained and paid for in person at Kenton County Animal Services or by mail. It’s important to note that any license not renewed before March 1st, 2021 will include a $5 late fee.

If you have recently adopted a dog or cat, you can call KCAS at (859) 356-7400. KCAS will continue the sale of the current year’s license into early 2021.