Licensing for Commercial Animal Establishments

Any pet shop, boarding or breeding kennel, grooming facility, auction, petting zoo, zoological park, circus, performing animal exhibit, breeder, or any person engaged in the business of breeding, buying, letting for hire, training for a fee, or selling at retail or wholesale, any species of animal for profit is considered a commercial animal establishment and shall obtain and maintain a valid commercial animal establishment license in order to operate within the county.

The commercial animal establishment licenses shall be issued by the Kenton County Fiscal Court through Animal Services. An application to obtain a license must be completed by each establishment, with separate applications for each location (in the case of chains and/or franchises).

CAE Licensing Application.


In order to obtain a valid commercial license, the premises for which the license is being granted must be inspected by Animal Services. The Director, Assistant Director, or any Animal Control Officer is permitted to make an inspection of any commercial animal establishment within the county, and is permitted to take photographs of the establishment during said inspection. The inspection shall take place upon the verbal request of the Director, Assistant Director, or any Animal Control Officer, during regular business hours of the establishment. A detailed summary of the required minimum standards for animal housing can be found in Section 90.14 of the county ordinance.

Carriage Horse Businesses

All carriage horse businesses must obtain and maintain a valid carriage horse license in order to operate within the county. In addition to the requirements of any commercial animal establishment,, any person owning or operating a horse-drawn carriage for compensation must also comply with the minimum standards set forth by Section 90.18 of the county ordinance.