Outdoor Cats

Kenton County Animal Services (KCAS) does not accept all cats brought to the shelter, depending on a variety of factors. Cats can live successfully outside and there are options of what to do if you find an outdoor cat. Learn more about these options below.

Healthy Outdoor Cat


Ear-tipped CatAn outdoor cat that is ear-tipped is likely a community cat. Community cats are defined as any free-roaming cat that may be cared for by one or more residents of the immediate area.

An ear-tip identifies it as being part of a community cat program, also known as a trap-neuter-release (TNR) program. TNR cats have been spayed/neutered and vaccinated.

If you find a cat that has been ear-tipped, no action is needed. Do not bring them to the shelter.

Not Ear-Tipped

If you find a cat that isn’t ear-tipped, is healthy, uninjured, and clawed, you don’t need to bring it to the shelter. Cats can live successfully outdoors and this could be a neighbor's indoor/outdoor cat, especially if it is healthy. 

You can call us to discuss our TNR program and other options, but do not bring the cat to the shelter. Let’s discuss resources first!

Kenton County Animal Services does not take in healthy, adult outdoor cats.

Sick/Injured/Declawed Outdoor Cat

If you find a cat that is sick, injured, or declawed, you can bring it to the shelter where we will begin the intake process for treatment.

Mom Cat with Kittens

If you find a mom cat with kittens, you can bring them to the shelter for intake.

Kittens (Under 3.5 Pounds)

Kittens under 3.5 lbs. can be brought to the shelter for intake. They will be placed in foster homes until they are old enough to be put up for adoption.

Interested in becoming a foster home? Learn more and apply online.